Real Name: Donovan Hughes
Alias: Vann Ravenborn
Occupation: Vampire
Citizenship: U.S
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relative: Dayna Creed (Fiancé)
Group Affiliation:
Education: Unknown
First Appeared:

A longstanding feud with a deadly vampiress named Raven made Donovan a target. Capturing Donovan, the vampiress Raven transformed him into a newborn vampire. Using her skills of hypnosis and regiments of pain, Raven coerced Donovan into drinking her blood, transforming him into a newborn vampire. Renaming him Vann Ravenborn, the vampiress welcomed him into her cadre of vampires. Raven transformed Vann for the sole purpose of torturing Dayna Creed. As with many newborn vampires, Vann completely forgot his past life and knew only the alluring embrace of his matron. Dayna Creed tracked Vann down along with Raven. On the first night of his existence, Dayna killed both Raven and Vann.