Sgt. Nicole (Nikki) Wheeler

Real Name: Sgt. Nicole (Nikki) Wheeler
Alias: Nikki
Occupation: USAF Staff at Groom Lake AFB
Citizenship: U.S
Place of Birth: Beaufort, SC
Known Relative: Mostly Estranged
Group Affiliation:
Education: Not revealed to date but some college
First Appeared:

Sgt. Wheeler is not the most forthcoming about her past, but she has mentioned in passing that her father was a third generation D.I. in the Marines and her maternal grandfather was author Arn Feitl who wrote the juvenile science fiction series “Stella Grayson, Girl Scientist” in the 1950s. She also has displayed an aversion to any trips into Las Vegas, making her the only member of the Groom Lake staff to refuse any assignment or leave in the city. Unusual, as her files show that she was a Las Vegas resident when she enlisted. The incident that led to her being shipped to Groom Lake remains classified, so she must have REALLY ticked somebody off.