Santa Claus

Real Name: Santa Claus
Alias: St. Nick
Occupation: Toy Maker and Deliverer
Citizenship: The World
Place of Birth: No one knows for sure, but our best guess is South Finland.
Known Relative: Married to Mrs. Claus. No children of their own.
Group Affiliation:
Education: Master of Child Psychology (no degree needed)
First Appeared:

The legend himself. For hundreds of years Santa, along with his elves, has been making toys for children around the world and delivering them every Christmas Eve. He lives in the North Pole making toys with happy elves and is only aware of what is happening with children. So when Scrooge kidnaps him and gives him a taste of the real world, he is shocked. Many of the nice children he knew are now naughty adults. Some of the saddest people in the world are those whose children have done wrong and disappointed them. Santa experiences this, and it hurts. But eventually he finds hope after seeing the change in Scrooge, because the reality is that while people can change for the worse, they can also change for the better.