Markus Fang

Real Name: Markus Fang
Alias: N/A
Occupation: Covert Agent, Inventor
Citizenship: N/A
Place of Birth: N/A
Known Relative: Deceased
Group Affiliation:
Education: a genius level IQ. Markus had private instruction from some of the worlds smartest and most talented people
First Appeared:

Raised on Renaissance Island since being found as an orphan, this mechanical savant was trained as an espionage agent. He was supposed to have all of the resources of the secret agency Bright Lion but after they were all but wiped out by the Grey Wolf Clan, Markus is forced to improvise. He now works for PTT (Peace Through Technology) a non-profit, and “borrows” most of what he needs in order to carry on his secret war against the forces of darkness.