The Elixir

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Legend claims that in God’s Shrine rests the Elixir of Eternity, a liquid granting immortality to whoever drinks it. King Hector is very sick and doesn’t see why he should die – he’s a bloody king, after all – so he offers the hand of his only daughter, Diane, in marriage to anyone who brings him the elixir, an offer which angers the princess but which is of great interest to the ruthless and ambitious “hero” Roland Morgaine. But Roland hasn’t taken into account the plans of Frank Timber and Dwight Theseus, the thief and assassin who intend to become rich men at King Hector’s expense. Princess Diane wants to live forever. Roland Morgaine wants everything he can get. Frank and Dwight just want to make some money. On a collision course, these four people will learn that you should always go around the haunted fort, that monsters named William should be fed regularly, and that immortality can get you killed.

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