Los Valiants v1

$14.95 USD


Ultraduck shows up and everything changes, the city of Featherbay becomes the safest place on the planet and people start believing in heroes. But this is not Featherbay. this is Canis Hill, where police corruption and a series of mysterious kidnappings have the population asking for help. After the local masked vigilantes, Venado and Hak, team up to uncover a bloody conspiracy of rigged fights, experimental energy drinks and super vampire formulas, they too ask for help and find it in a martial arts master, a mercenary and a cyborg duck from the future. Now they are the only ones who can stop an apocalyptic event that could turn the planet into a living hell, and learn that in order to save the world you will always need friends.

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Editor In Chief

Sean Patrick O'Reilly




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