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There isn’t much in Hollow Virgina, a state university, students, a few townies, and some overcast weather in an otherwise sleepy college town. On one special day, a former disgraced, yet popular President James Harris comes into town to give a speech. However, as Secret Service and Law Enforcement swarm thru the day, some students & businesses go about their normal weekly operations. The day before the big arrival, a trio of students who aren’t currently enrolled in the college, seem to plot tomorrow as well as plant packages, just outside the town. After the president arrives at the convention center, several large explosions happen right outside the parameter of the convention center, this sets off a chain reaction and all the law enforcement in the town and surrounding counties converge on the convention center. Amidst the chaos, the trio go to a local bank and drain it dry, as they return to wait from word from their contact, a much broader mystery begins to arise as the Secret Service & Law Enforcement begin to search for them as duplicity, nefarious motives and possibly being patsies comes into their minds.

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