Dark Horrors


The most horrific stories ever assembled come together under an anthology like only Arcana could put together. This monster read will show you – remind you – why you are scared of the dark – Who better to bring this screamfest to you than the company known for dark and gothic (Kade), high seas zombies (Dead Men Tell No Tales), and supernatural cool (Koni Waves)? Busting at the seams with 120 pages, Dark Horrors provides some tales of fright by up and coming talent. Psychological horror is at the forefront with nods to the Twilight Zone and the horror magazines from days past. The book includes an all-new Koni Waves short story by series co-creator Mark Poulton with art by Jon Landry, as well as La Famiglia by Dead Men Tell No Tales creator Dwight MacPherson, The In-Between Space by Aaron Thomas Nelson and Bones by James Nadiger. The book was compiled using not only Arcana’s own talent, but talent taken straight from their message boards. Open calls were taken for submissions of stories anywhere from 6 to 20 pages long. All in all, 18 stories made the cut

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