Arcana Studios Presents 2018


It is fantastic to be involved in another Free Comic Book Day! Since its launch in 2004, Arcana has published engaging storytelling with compelling art in hundreds of graphic novels. We are very proud to share two of these stories with you on Free Comic Book Day. Since then we have produced Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom, Howard Lovecraft & The Undersea Kingdom and are in production on Howard Lovecraft & The Kingdom of Madness. The films star Christopher Plummer, Mark Hamill, Jeffrey Combs, Doug Bradley, Ron Perlman, Jane Curtin and Kiefer O’Reilly.
We also have The Steam Engines of Oz available on June 5th, 2018 featuring the voices of Julianne Hough, William Shatner and Ron Perlman! Also being released this year is Hallowaiian and Panda vs Aliens starring Chevy Chase and with Stan Lee as my producing partner! We have a lot more exciting projects coming out so please see us online as well!

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