Arcana Studios Presents 2012


Since 2004, Arcana has been providing high quality branded entertainment with characters and art that are lush with imagination and stories that are relevant and engaging. This comic is a culmination of all of those years. The Intrinsic is a cross-company comics event that embraces the hundreds of creators and hundreds of graphic
novels from the Arcana library. Arcana owns one of the world’s largest libraries of graphic novels and comics books. With it’s treasure trove of graphic novels and thousands of characters, Arcana is continually creating original titles with new characters, strong design and compelling stories. We call this, the Arcanaverse. The characters from this comic, and their graphic novels, are available now for purchase through the comic book store where you received this issue of The Intrinsic. Our creators, and their books, are found in every state and every province in every major bookstores, through Diamond Books, and digitally through the iPad, iPhone or Android by searching
‘Arcana Comics’. Amidst a struggling economy and a technological revolution, Arcana stands strong publishing our stories and characters in comic books and graphic novels. This comic is an exciting way during Free Comic Book Day for us to celebrate and showcase just some of our accomplishments. This has been a great journey and I know the best is yet to come … thanks so much for your support!


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