Arcana Studios Presents 2009


Free Comic Book Day. Lots has changed and lots has stayed the same. I’ve heard the saying that you can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails. At Arcana we’ve developed, refined and honed our skillsets over five years creating original branded storyworlds, establishing intellectual properties and ultimately creating great visual stories. We approach projects with a strong visual design, compelling stories and by understanding the medium whether it’s a graphic novel, an animated piece, video game or live action project. In 2009 we are not slowing down and are actually speeding up. We have a new Kade series, The Matriarch, Creepsville, Don Bluth’s Space Ace, Red Foot, Mighty Mighty Monsters, Creature Academy, Howard and the Frozen Kingdom, Ant, Candice Crow, a new Koni Waves graphic novel, Kord & Harley, Dragons vs. Dinosaurs, Aqualung, Chopper and more. Admist a struggling economy, the continual transition of the distribution of content over a printed medium and competing with an influx of companies looking to enter the comic book industry to create the ‘next big franchise’, Arcana has stood strong over five years and FCBD is a great way for us to celebrate this annual event.

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