Arcana Studios Presents 2007


Arcana is proud to present three new stories for Free Comic Book Day 2007.
In 2004 Arcana published their first book, Kade, and in this issue we continue the gothic demon hunter’s journey with an overview of Sun of Perdition on sale now. In August 2007, a special 25 cent issue will be available showcasing the next chapter in Kade’s life entitled Kade: Shiva’s Sun. 100 Girls makes it’s long awatied return as we find out where Sylvia’s life has taken her in a prologue to this fall’s 100 Girls vs. Jenna. Also in this issue is Clockwork Girl, a brand new series coming out in July 2007 also with a 25 cent issue.
In three busy years Arcana has grown in leaps and bounds and this summer will start our new publishing year and a year for some major changes. It’s great to have you this book out so that you can read these three wonderful stories and to see the new things we’re tackling.

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