7 Holes for Air Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-77135-189-8
Diamond Code: OCT13 0855
Genre: Western
Created By
Bill Paxton
Writer: John J. McLaughlin
Artist: Mick Reinman
Bill Paxton & Arcana Comics presents 7 Holes for Air. Bob Rourke is the kind of man they don't make anymore. He's a tough son of a bitch: A fifty-year-old steelworker who smokes, drinks, and never complains, even when he's in pain. After a persistent headache sends him to a doctor for the first time in his life, Bob learns he's facing the end. With disease ravaging his body, Bob soldiers on at home, at work and in an alternate Spaghetti Western reality in which his real-life antagonists become actual villains. Now Bob will stare down death the only way he knows how - with grit and determination - as he struggles against the ghosts of his past and the desire to leave something behind for his wife and daughter.

Comic Bastards
Maybe itís just the sum of my personal experiences that made this story so damn good, but then isnít that what a good story is supposed to do? Isnít it supposed to draw upon our own personal...
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Teaming up with celebrities seems to be all the rage these days with comic book publishers. It makes sense, considering some celebrities may really want to tell their story in the comic book form....
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I am Rogue

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