HeadSmash Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-77135-162-1
Diamond Code: MAY13 0795
Genre: Action Superhero
Created By
Vlad Yudin
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Artist: Dwayne Harris
Artist: Tim Bradstreet
In the lurid city of Ares, Smash is a trusted officer of the Horde, a brutal syndicate. As an angry orphan, he was hand-selected by Maurice, the Horde's capo, to be groomed for leadership. After being sent on a mission to claim a powerful serum, Smash is left for dead and his girlfriend and unborn baby are taken by the very group that he swore allegiance to. He returns, armed with a serum that gives superhuman strength, and vows that he won't rest until his family is safe and revenge is taken upon those who betrayed him.

Entertainment Weekly
Is there something that would hook you as a reader if you were just happening along the book? JP: I was hooked by the tag line,”To Obey is to Die.” It reminded me of Orwell’s 1984, and how...
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I recommend picking it up now. Later this year, it goes into production for a movie version. So be on the bandwagon first.
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