HeadSmash Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-77135-162-1
Diamond Code: MAY13 0795
Genre: Action Superhero
Created By
Vlad Yudin
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Artist: Dwayne Harris
Artist: Tim Bradstreet
In the lurid city of Ares, Smash is a trusted officer of the Horde, a brutal syndicate. As an angry orphan, he was hand-selected by Maurice, the Horde's capo, to be groomed for leadership. After being sent on a mission to claim a powerful serum, Smash is left for dead and his girlfriend and unborn baby are taken by the very group that he swore allegiance to. He returns, armed with a serum that gives superhuman strength, and vows that he won't rest until his family is safe and revenge is taken upon those who betrayed him.

The Fandom Post
While I cannot necessarily find anything that suggests this will turn into a series, it does feel like this is the start to a much larger story, and as the beginning of a possibly bigger story, it is...
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L.A. Times - The Hero Complex
A film project is finally in the works, said Mejia, with shooting set to begin next year, though the duo isn’t going to abandon the graphic novel — they’re planning for it to become the first...
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