Rain Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-77135-146-1
Genre: Action Superhero
Created By
Darren G. Davis
Writer: Nick Lyons
Artist: Sean Lee
Artist: Dan Glasl
Colorist: Kanya Anggayasti
Colorist: Hetare
Letterer: Warren Montgomery
Letterer: David Hopkins
In this prequel spin-off to "Victoria's Secret Service," the super sexy thief Rain (AKA Scarlet) takes a high-paying job to steal a necklace from a museum. While breaking into the museum, Rain discovers another robbery is taking place by two supernatural beings known as the Shadow Twins, who are trying to steal a skeletal corpse for their friend Henry (a werewolf-vampire hybrid known as a Vrykolakas). The two stories collide when Henry wants to get revenge against Rain for the stolen necklace and damaged skeleton. What is the importance of the skeleton? What is the story with the Shadow Twins and Henry? Will Rain be able to get a big pay day? Filled with thrilling action, romance, and surprising plot twists, this epic story is a can't miss.