Styx & Stone Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-927424-80-3
Genre: Horror Horror
Writer: Adam Gragg
Writer: Darren G. Davis
Artist: Matias Balsa
Artist: Stefano Cardoselli
Colorist: Matias Balsa
Colorist: Willie Jiminez
Letterer: Jaymes Reed
Editor: Darren G. Davis
Upon returning from South Africa, Detective Mel Stone was put on medical leave after he was found almost dead on the cargo ship he was on with no explanation and almost no memory of what happened to him.. Now, hes back on the force with his new partner investigating a string of gruesome campus murders. On the surface, everything is back to normal, but in reality, Stone is back with an added bonus; hes sharing his body with the career criminal and murderer James Wyatt.