Banshee [Novel]
ISBN: 978-1475187335
Created By
Mike Kalvoda
Writer: Mike Kalvoda
Three generations of an Irish clan attempt to escape the curse of the Banshee. For nearly two centuries, the Galway estate has been a coveted jewel of the Emerald Isle. But within its opulent yet strange grounds, whispers of shattered love and unspeakable sin are guarded by a specter both living yet unborn... a creature of this world -- and that which lays beyond... an entity whose very breath can send your soul to Hell. Harken back to an Ireland of undiscovered lore: a sacred time bound by God, family, land - and the profound depths of darkest legend. Spared an unthinkable fate, Finola O'Grady found herself shipped away to a palatial, arranged marriage. Beaten down by the shame of religious persecution, John Cavanaugh fled the prisons of Britain, thinking he'd found a hidden Eden. Their destinies forever entwined, bringing forth one of the greatest horror icons of all time. Now the Cavanaughs descendants must confront their worst fears -- the truth of their inheritance written in blood, a nightmare-inducing journey spanning one hundred and seventy-five years; a terrifying, candlelit saga through shrouded moors, eerie estates, purgatorial woods, and hushed resting places where even the dead are not safe.