Intrinsic # 1 FCBD Edition
ISBN: 9781927424612
Diamond Code: JAN120014
Genre: Superhero Action
Writer: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Casey Jones
Writer: Erik Hendrix
Artist: Allan Otero
Inker: Chandran
Letterer: Erik Hendrix
Horrors from different worlds have assembled to bring about a global threat known only as The End. A Philosopher has recognized the signs in time to gather his own forces for Good – including an ordinary, powerless young woman. Only together can they avert disaster on a biblical scale. Every last one of them… is Intrinsic. ‘Intrinsic’ is a company crossover event bringing together characters from hundres of titles beneath Arcana’s library. It is an event of unprecedented ambition, unlike anything that has been before. This is Arcana’s first company-wide crossover featuring the thousands of characters from the Arcanaverse.