Original Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-927424-51-3
Diamond Code: APR13 0798
Genre: Science Fiction Superhero
Created By
Scott Kinney
Scott Kinney
Artist: Christian Colbert
Colorist: Chandran
Letterer: Scott Kinney
Editor: Erik Hendrix
ZAK TYLER, the hero of our story, finds a powerful, yet, kid-sized ALIEN SUPERSUIT controlled by A.I. TECHNOLOGY in his closet. Zak’s first notion is to live out his fantasy of being a SUPERHERO, and when a dark alien overlord aptly named LORD DREADNITE comes looking for his stolen technology, Zak learns just what it takes to be a real hero as he must fight for the survival of his family...and the entire earth!

Kozmik is the creation of Scott Kinney and he has created a very enjoyable all ages title that does not get bogged down in sci-fi mumbo-jumbo but rather gives readers a fast paced adventure story...
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Comic Attack
"Kozmik is good all-ages science fiction coolness."
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Fanboy Comics
"Arcana Comics' new hero could prove to be for children and ‘tweens what Invincible proved to be for high schoolers. If you love intelligent adventure with a Saturday morning spirit, you might dig...
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