Philosopher Rex [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548028
Diamond Code: JUN100743
Genre: Fantasy
Writer: Jason Miller
Writer: Ian Miller
Inker: Junior Capoeira
Colorist: Estudio Haus
In the dark hills of West Virginia a power is growing. Dr. Ishmael Stone and his crew go to investigate the series of killings that have been occurring within, and around, the mines of the small town. There they find a fading community searching for life and the sad, angry Lloyd Canby. Stone begins to realize he is dealing with more than the normal case.

Evil Genius Comics Blog
“interesting and dark mystic mysteries with some intense action thrown in for good measure.”
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Broken Frontier
Philosopher Rex is a book I would really like to see gain a wider audience. Brothers Ian and Jason Miller deliver a solid premise, grounded in the everyday, of a world of occult shadows policed by a...
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Ain’t It Cool News
“The Brothers Miller (Ian & Jason) inject new life into the genre of sorcerers and modern magic in this trade paperback collecting the first five issues of PHILOSOPHER REX… Part DOCTOR STRANGE, part...
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