Chaotic Soldiers [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548813
Diamond Code: OCT100759
Genre: Fantasy War
Writer: Daniel Moser
Inker: Pablo Peppino
Colorist: Edward Bola
They fight for freedom, for glory, and sometimes just for fun. The Orcish seeks to claim Eire as their own, to conquer its people in the name of the Emperor and use its resources to launch further campaigns against the rest of the world. Little do they know that this invasion will be but a cover for a far more sinister quest, one which could bring about not only the downfall of the Empire but the downfall of all the kingdoms on the face of Magen. Luckily there's a small group of outcasts who will stand in their way, not because they want to save the world but because they want to save each other.

Project Fanboy
“Peppino’s art is pretty strong, and he delivers that fantasy look. Edward Bola’s colors do a nice job of bringing the whole thing to life. So, not only did I make it past the first two pages,...
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