Lethal Instinct [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781926914398
Diamond Code: OCT110797
Genre: Crime
Writer: Romulo Soares
Inker: Wellindon Diaz
Inker: Nelson Pereira
Inker: Jackson Gebien
Colorist: Mario Gonzalez
Colorist: Charles Kirchoff
Colorist: Lynx
Editor: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Frank Aaron is a police officer who struggles with the curse of being a werewolf. As he investigates the brutal murder of the Mayor's family, he notices claw marks, saliva, and animal hair at the crime scene, leading him to wonder if he might be responsible. But in the course of his investigation, he discovers that there is another werewolf in town, and he is forced to use the abilities of his feral side to track down his counterpart and solve the mystery of the murder.