Spy School [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781926914275
Diamond Code: APR110776
Genre: Action
Inker: Keith Burns
Editor: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Writer: Frank Tra
Link is a teenage computer hacker/millionaire. Wayne tends to kill people in his sleep. Meet the two newest recruits for the US government's clandestine Spy School. Using their adaptive skills, the duo must balance their new studies with the paranoia surrounding their new caretakers. As the mystery unravels, the new students must re-acclimate into civilized life as agency spies are forced to deal with a founding members of the Tarot Agency.

Very cool! Fascinating subject matter and a really strong execution. You've got skills, so keep fighting for projects you believe in.
Tim Bradstreet
What I was most impressed by was your story telling. That is something that is very hard to teach. That is your strength right now. You do that very well. You change angles, you break borders, you don̥t settle for the ground̥s eye view. It̥s daunting and challenging to keep the story flowing with the scenes that you choose to tell a particular story with.
Herb Trimpe
Thought the story and art were terrific. What else can I say?