Redball 6 [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548882
Diamond Code: JUL10 0760
Genre: Crime Fantasy
Writer: The Miller Bros.
Inker: Studio Haus
Inker: Jol
Colorist: Jok
Colorist: Studio Haus
Near Dis! No one wants to be there; almost everyone ends up there. A purgatorial way station for borderline cases, Near Dis is home to legions of minor devils, wayward angels, and countless human spirits eagerly waiting their chance to move either up or down the celestial ladder.

Blog Monster
The Miller Brothers' story is an impressive example of amalgamation. Naturally, the blending of the various characters from various countries and eras. Each is distinctive and representative of their...
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Indy Comic Review
“While you could easily float a comic on the strength of its characters, the setting proves just as memorable and involved in making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.”
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Weekly Comic Book Review
“It’s clear that the Miller Brothers have something special on their hands here. This is a city teeming with stories to be told and crimes to be solved, and I wouldn’t mind sticking around to see...
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