The Fro [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548479
Diamond Code: JUL090666
Genre: Superhero
Writer: Chris Harden
Inker: Anang Setyawan
Colorist: Jang
After mysterious Tibetan Monks turn Tom Dull into the world's next guardian of good Karma, he must first overcome the juicy temptation to use his new powers for fame and fortune. Join The Fro and radio star PumpaJack, as they set off on a race to find a costume, protect pop-star Cymphony, and save the world comeback tour of early 80's heavy metal band "SMOOCH" from the geek-turned-rap-star Ty-T-Y-T, blood-lovin'-grunge-head Skrape, and The Fro's ultimate leather-n-chains arch villain - The Mange! Enjoy a hilarious mix of music, adventure, and the birth of today's greatest American zero!