Loosely Based [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548400
Diamond Code: JUN100742
Genre: Drama
Writer: Nikola Jajic
Writer: Michael Czernaiwski
Inker: Rick Hershey
Colorist: Ramio Diaz Legaspe
Editor: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Duncan's relationship with a muse has transformed him from a struggling writer to the best selling author of the "Casanova Killer". Unfortunately it came with a price. When Duncan's main characters come to life and confront him, all his success and fame won't mean a thing, and Duncan's world will be forever changed. His popular serial killing antagonist, Trevor, demands to be written into future works, while Duncan's good hearted protagonist ‚Frank yearns for a father figure that he obviously sees his creator as. Murder, blackmail, and missing loved ones, all become the norm for poor Duncan, and he finally has to stand up to the monster he's created.

Jazma Online
Well this starts out as a kind of copy kat of the dark Half by stephen King. Or a few other movies have used similar ideas. Than we see there are some differences. Duncan’s life has taken a turn...
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The Pull Box
While the book is broken into four distinct “issues”, I read the whole story in one sitting and would suggest you do the same. I saw it as more of a movie with four acts rather than four separate...
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