Poe & Phillips [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548394
Diamond Code: SEP100772
Genre: Horror Horror
Writer: Jaime Roman Collado
Colorist: Guillermo Regalado
Colorist: Raul Manriquez
Inspired by the works of the two legendary writers, Edgar (Allan) Poe and Howard Phillips (Lovecraft), Poe & Phillips is a tribute to their gothic horror masterpieces. At the end of the 19th Century two men, Edgar Poe and Howard Phillips, will find themselves in the middle of mysterious adventures as Investigators of Paranormal Affairs. The two will discover mysterious coins that have the power to revive an emperor and his demonic army. It is up to Poe and Phillips to secure these coins lest they fall into the wrong hands and usher in the end of the world!

Library Journals LLC
Another epic team-up of real people doing unreal things-Phillips is the ďPĒ in H.P. Lovecraft. The two wordsmiths collaborate as paranormal investigators against an ancient emperor who wants to-of...
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Grim Reviews
Donít expect an authentic drama with highly refined weird fiction elements. Instead, youíll see improbable fun and heroic slayers coursing through this tale. Who cares if Poe and Lovecraft didnít...
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