Frozen Wasteland [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548691
Diamond Code: MAR110853
Genre: Science Fiction Action
Writer: Kieran Murphy
Inker: Jose Augusto Cano
Colorist: Jose Augusto Cano
America is covered in snow. Cities that were once blessed with continual sunshine have a white blanket covering them. But the cold is the least of the population's problems. In Los Angeles rival gangs fight it out for control of what was previously known as the City of Angels. Law and order has completely collapsed and the government, stretched thin as it is by troubles elsewhere, is afraid it will lose the city. Unfortunately, back up is light, and the beleaguered military can only send four marines to turn the tide. Fortunately, they are all that is needed. One of these four, Ricky Di Santos, is returning to his birthplace, the city he left to escape a girl he once loved. But they are destined to meet again, this time on the battlefield.

Broken Frontier
Originally appearing as a single regular-sized issue from Ronin Studios called Wasteland, Arcana Studios has since picked up and repackaged the tale along with three additional all-new chapters as...
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