Ripped [Graphic Novel]
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ISBN: 9781897548066
Diamond Code: JUN100744
Genre: Science Fiction Action
Writer: Jay Busbee
Inker: Jason Flowers
Colorist: Sonny Leader
Adam Fitzpatrick awakens one morning to find himself on a park bench in an unfamiliar city. He's rousted by a local cop and begins wandering the streets, noticing that everything around him seems horribly out of date. He happens upon a parade and chats up a beautiful parade-watcher named Helena. Fitz has no idea what the parade is for, and Helena informs him that President Kennedy is about to round the bend. And then Fitz looks around and realizes that he's in legendary Dealey Plaza on that fateful November day. Does he solve one of history's greatest mysteries? Does he save the president? The next move he makes will determine the fate of humanity itself.

Broken Frontier
ay Busbee and Jason Flowers’ Ripped began as a guilty pleasure: the protagonist, Adam Fitzpatrick (his buddies call him simply “Fitz”) is a typecast protagonist who is lazy and underachieves. Each...
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