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Intrinsic Graphic Novel
Horrors from different worlds have assembled to bring about a global threat known only as The End. A Philosopher has recognized the signs in time to gather his own forces for...[view]
Price : $14.95
Jack & The Zombie Box
Jack & The Zombie Box [Graphic Novel]
Jack is your typical 3 year old boy who has an imaginary friend named Uncle Bug. After messing up the kitchen, Jack's dad is given the task of distracting his son while his...[view]
Price : $14.95
John Henry: The Steam Age
John Henry: The Steam Age Graphic Novel
John Henry, a former slave, wasn't about to let some new-fangled steam hammer replace his ability to earn an honest wage as a steel driving man. He'd beat that machine, or...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Mourning Sun
1892. Siberia. Kade has found Lucifer and he's become the leader of a tribe of Cossacks. Kade uncovers him as a demon, but Lucifer has set a trap and the Cossack tribe make a...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Original Sun
Kade: Original Sun [Graphic Novel]
Kade is the enigmatic warrior who embarks on an adventure to remove the Dark Veil and the demon behind the darkness. Kade must uncover the secrets of the Black Sun while...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Prodigal Sun
Kade: Prodigal Sun [Graphic Novel]
We open with a view of a dusty frontier town. This is Sunset Canyon, Colorado, and there's trouble in town. The lone rider comes into town to clean things up and we see him...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Red Sun
Kade: Red Sun [Graphic Novel]
Ivan the Terrible has lorded over Russia for years, but deep inside his Russian aristocracy there is a demon embedded like a tick. Kade must enter the inner circle, discover...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Rising Sun
Kade: Rising Sun [Graphic Novel]
It's been over three hundred years since the death of Ezra, but the memory still haunts Kade. He has traveled the world searching for the demons that will bring closure to...[view]
Price : $14.95
Kade: Shiva's Sun
Kade: Shiva's Sun [Trade]
Kade has been trying to come to grips with the death of Ezra...Re-focused, he sets out to redeem the mistake he made fifty years ago by setting out after the Seven Fallen....[view]
Price : $$14.95
Kade: Sun of Perdition
Kade: Sun of Perdition [Graphic Novel]
During the Black Sun, under the Eye of God, angels may fall to Earth. These Fallen Angels have left the grace of God and act without consequence. Many try to spite their...[view]
Price : $19.95
Kagagi [Graphic Novel]
Matthew Carver is an average 16 year old kid dealing with normal teenage stuff: high school drama, teenage angst and a huge crush. Or at least he was yesterday. Today he...[view]
Price : $14.95
Khan [Graphic Novel]
He ruled over the largest empire in history. His invasions and raids are the stuff of legends and his stature remains unmatched. His story was forged in a harsh reality of...[view]
Price : $14.95
Khan [Graphic Novel]
He ruled over the largest empire in history. His invasions and raids are the stuff of legends and his stature remains unmatched. His story was forged in a harsh reality of...[view]
Price : $14.95
Killing Machine
Killing Machine Original Graphic Novel
Frank Hurt, an undercover agent for the Global Crime Task Force, is sent to infiltrate the criminal organization only known as The Syndicate Six. When his cover is blown and...[view]
Price : $19.95
Koni Konfidential
Koni Konfidential Original Graphic Novel
Koni Konfidential tells the tale of Koni Kanawai, a recent transfer student who soon finds out that Hawaii is more than just beautiful beaches and exotic scenery. There's a...[view]
Price : $9.95
Koni Waves
Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave [Trade]
KONI WAVES introduces private detective Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii who worked her way through college as a dancer at the Apanapana Ballroom. When a drinking...[view]
Price : $19.95
Kord & Harley
Kord & Harley [Graphic Novel]
The Catholic church has set up a secret order to deal with demonic activity and demonic possession. Led by Father Merrick, a man with a long secretive past and his ever...[view]
Price : $19.95
Kore [Graphic Novel]
When down on his luck slacker Alex Crane decides to steal ancient relics from his local museum to pay off gambling debts, he suddenly finds himself on the run from powerful...[view]
Price : $19.95
Original Graphic Novel
ZAK TYLER, the hero of our story, finds a powerful, yet, kid-sized ALIEN SUPERSUIT controlled by A.I. TECHNOLOGY in his closet. Zak’s first notion is to live out his fantasy...[view]
Price : $14.95
Last Ninja
Last Ninja [Graphic Novel]
The Last Ninja is a story of revenge, a government's goal for ultimate power, and the passion for the craft of a ninja. In 1929 Japan, the practice of being a ninja is banned...[view]
Price : $14.95
League of Super Evil
League of Super Evil [Graphic Novel]
Isn't it time the villains got their due? Armed with a whole new approach to badness, The League of Super Evil (a.k.a. L.O.S.E.) follows four Super Villains who have set...[view]
Price : $7.99
Lethal Instinct
Lethal Instinct [Graphic Novel]
Frank Aaron is a police officer who struggles with the curse of being a werewolf. As he investigates the brutal murder of the Mayor's family, he notices claw marks, saliva,...[view]
Price : $19.95
Li'l Hellions
Li'l Hellions [Graphic Novel]
Join Jim Reaper, Louie, Lucy and Boog for a trip to the zoo! It doesn't take long for the trip to turn into bedlam, and it's up to Jim to save the day... that is, if he can...[view]
Price : $14.95
Loosely Based
Loosely Based [Graphic Novel]
Duncan's relationship with a muse has transformed him from a struggling writer to the best selling author of the "Casanova Killer". Unfortunately it came with a price. When...[view]
Price : $14.95
Lucas [Graphic Novel]
A bold, stark example of terror in the homeland, Lucas tells the tale of a family of cannibals who’ve made a smorgasbord of any poor souls unfortunate enough to darken their...[view]
Price : $14.95
Markus Fang
Markus Fang [Graphic Novel]
Markus Fang focuses on an 18-year-old, trained by an agency to battle an opposing evil agency. The only problem is, while out in the field Fang's own agency is wiped out....[view]
Price : $14.95
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