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REAL NAME: Creed, Dayna
OCCUPATION: Vampire Hunter
CITIZENSHIP: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
PLACE OF BIRTH: Expunged from public record for security
KNOWN RELATIVES: Classified for security; Donovan Hughes (fiancÚ; deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: Classified holy order of the Christian Church
EDUCATION: Classified for security

 Her regiments have included physical training that would rival Olympic levels of physical training, combat drills that would rival any military special forces branch, and scholarly tutoring to understand the physiological and psychological aspects of vampirism. Working within a small and secretive sect within the Christian church, Dayna has eliminated vampire threats all over the United States.


Tragedy came to Dayna’s life when a vampiress learned of Dayna’s true identity and decided to strike at Dayna through her personal life. Transforming Dayna’s fiancé into an undead horror, the undead slayer was forced to dispatch the love of her life who had been transformed into the very horror she had been trained to destroy.  


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