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REAL NAME: Nepenthe Nouvelle
ALIASES: Test Subject #27
OCCUPATION: Test Subject
PLACE OF BIRTH: Free City-State of Infra Castellium
EDUCATION: No Formal Education
First Appeared:

 Nepenthe (ne-PEN-thay) grew up under the watchful care of General Theophilus of Infra Castellium.  Born and bred to serve as a living weapon of mass destruction, Nepenthe remains unaware of the world at large and completely oblivious to the true purpose of her creation.  Simply known as “Test Subject #27,” Nepenthe exists as the 27th clone in a series of failed experiments.  The previous 26 clones lived a brief, tortured and grotesque life.  Nepenthe became the first clone to survive a process called “nano-lathe conversion.”  The process involved releasing microscopic, self-replicating machines (called “nanites”) into a Homo Geneticus bloodstream.  These machines would then multiply and consume the body from the inside out.  The nanites would then mimic the cell functions of the tissue recently digested.  As a result, the test subject would still physically appear and function as an organic being.  However, when infused with enough power, the nanites could be wielded by the test subject as a fearsome weapon.    


The nano-lathe process involves excruciating pain.  Since the nanites are technically machine in nature, any surviving Homo Geneticus test subject would become a cyborg as well….a perfect hybrid of the Homo Geneticus and Homo Roboticus races.  Nepenthe is the first member of a new and powerful race of humanity that will become known as the “Homo Nanitus.”       


Despite the ugly reality underlying her existence, one could still say Nepenthe enjoyed a happy childhood playing with Theophilus.  Theophilus had intended to warn Nepenthe eventually that her creators didn’t mean her well.  He wanted to explain to her that the world outside was divided beyond imagination.  And that it hated her and what she represents.  Perhaps, Theophilus longed to preserve Nepenthe’s innocence because telling her the truth might mean losing the blissful child he came to know and love.  Unfortunately, events culminated too quickly.  The world became aware of the Scion Project.  It began hunting the girl with a vengeance, forcing Theophilus to kidnap the confused Nepenthe and (hopefully) explain things later.  
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