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REAL NAME: Matricia Nouvelle
OCCUPATION: Model; Freelance Espionage Agent
CITIZENSHIP: Free City-State of Infra Castellium; France (suspended)
PLACE OF BIRTH: Marseille, France
KNOWN RELATIVES: Patorus Nouvelle - Elder brother
EDUCATION: Masterís Degree, Linguistics
First Appeared:

Matricia spent her childhood frolicking on the coast of southern France.  In everything but name, Matricia lived the life of a princess.  She enjoyed unrivaled beauty, education and grace.  Doted on by her father, a prominent Marseille politician, Matricia seemed destined to live a life of grand luxury except for one dirty, little secret.  


Matricia was a Homo Geneticus, a human being with augmented genes.  Her father, like so many other wealthy parents, indulged in the fad of new technologies.  While Matricia grew in her mother’s womb, her father allowed researchers to manipulate his daughter’s genetic code.  He meant well.  Like most parents, he simply wanted Matricia to possess every advantage possible in life.  Her father invested a fortune in the treatments.  Matricia came to embody the very pinnacle of human genetics research. 


Unfortunately, in the eyes of the world, the Homo Geneticus possessed too many advantages.  It wasn’t fair.  At the same time, her brother Patorus began augmenting his body with cybernetic limbs and implants.  He had been born a little too early to benefit from the best Geneticus technologies.  He along with other cyborgs became known as the Homo Roboticus.  


Humanity grew to resent the altered races.  They were stronger, more agile in body and mind, longer-lived, enjoyed enhanced senses and robust health.  And to rub bitter salt in the wounds even further, almost every member of the altered races tended to be a child of wealth.

Finally, in 2074, the Geno-Purge descended upon the world like a dark cloud of war and death.  A global conflict broke out between normal humans and those enhanced with technology.  Matricia attempted to disguise her genetic heritage, publicly condemning her brother Patorus and other enhanced humans.  While Patorus and the altered races of Europe fled south across the Mediterranean into Africa, Matricia stayed behind in France and continued living in the lap of luxury.  The strategy worked for a time.  Despite her betrayal, Patorus kept Matricia’s secret.  Or perhaps Patorus enjoyed an insidious delight knowing the secret would eventually reveal itself.

Patorus continued his fight in Africa and his global infamy grew.  As he inflicted a series of humiliating military defeats on the global powers chasing him, public scrutiny upon his sister Matricia grew exponentially.  People eventually noticed that Matricia seemed to age so much slower than her brother.  Despite being only a few years younger than Patorus in his late-20’s, Matricia still looked like a fresh teenager in full bloom. 


Finally, an enormous, angry mob showed up on Matricia’s doorstep.  They broke into her flat and assaulted her.  Were it not for the foresight of her brother Patorus, the worst might have occurred.  Patorus executed a lightning raid deep into the heart of France.  The mission would eventually become the stuff of military legend.  He rescued Matricia from certain death and brought her back to his base in Ethiopia.  


Forced to live among the global resistance in Africa, Matricia worked hard to win back her brother’s trust.  Unfortunately, like many children that grow up in an environment disconnected from normal society, Matricia lacked any ability to manage human relationships.  She overcompensated by acting submissive and flirtatious with Patorus.  This annoyed him to no end.  In turn, she misinterpreted her brother’s annoyance as constant disgust and disapproval.   Patorus suppressed knowledge of her betrayal and presented Matricia to the altered races as a symbol of their struggle.  Viewing her fresh, uncorrupted beauty, the people readily accepted Matricia.  Not knowing what else to do, Matricia eventually fell into a pattern of blind obedience to her brother’s every command.  Absorbed in his military struggles, the arrangement suited Patorus just fine.  When Patorus fled his people to Antarctica, Matricia meekly followed. 


Time passed.  Patorus built up the city of Infra Castellium.  Over three decades later, Matricia still remained a beauty appearing in her late-20’s.  Eventually, 30 years of mutual resentment festered into a deep, quiet hatred for each other.  Matricia believed Patorus to be oppressive, while a jealous Patorus had always believed Matricia’s genetic gifts to be wasted on her.


Bored with her life as a symbol for the state, Matricia began to moonlight in the world of global espionage.  Under the code name “Danae,” Matricia accepted shadowy assignments from the very same nations that tried to slaughter her people.  She didn’t see this as another betrayal though.  Matricia wanted to learn more about the world in ways outside her brother’s channels of information.


Eventually, Matricia decided she could serve as a better ruler than her brother.  She sensed the burning global anger of the Geno-Purge had finally dissipated.  Matricia believed an opening might exist for a resolution between humanity and the altered races, but only if she could offer them a gesture of great value.  Then, Patorus began the Scion Project and Matricia knew her time had come.   


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